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Passage Collection

The Passage collection explore the ties between nature and mankind’s intervention therein. A house’s informal entrance, often accessed through a side or back door and traditionally known as the “mudroom” in English country houses and American homes, is the symbolic point of passage from outdoors to indoors, from vegetation to civilization. 

By featuring raw wood, or by imitating nature with trompe-l'oeil painting recalling onyx, the collection’s elements tease and intrigue the observer. Vegetation is invited to reclaim its rightful place, making this entrance to the home, this transition between two worlds, an embodiment of our uncertainty about our planet’s future, as questions of ecological disaster and climate crisis loom on the horizon. 

What will be left of our creations? Will nature take over? What if someone were to rediscover this room 500 years from now? The end of the industrial world may sound frightening, but it could also be a transition in its own right, a time of great hope and new beginnings.



The tables of the Rinck collections are designed by our Paris agency and manufactured in our French workshops – grand furnishings born of contemporary inspiration nourished by 180 years of history. Our extraordinary designs, materials, and finishes combine into tables intended as collector’s pieces, each of them numbered, while still meant for easy daily enjoyment.