Politique de remboursement — Rinck

Politique de remboursement


The Client must exercise her/his right of withdrawal by sending to Rinck, by email or post, the withdrawal form depicted below, attaching any document attesting to the date of receipt of the Products (e.g., delivery slip) for identification of the order by Rinck: “I/we (*) hereby notify you of my/our (*) withdrawal from the contract for the sale of the goods below:


Ordered on (*):

Received on (*):

Order reference number:

Client name:

Client address:


Client signature) (only if this form is submitted in hard copy):



(*) Delete as necessary.


Rinck agrees to contact the Client within 72 hours to give them details of the Product return procedure.


The Product(s) for which the Client exercises her/his right of withdrawal must be returned to the address indicated by Rinck within no more than fourteen (14) clear days from the date of the Client’s  withdrawal. The Client must return all of the Products to their original packaging, in perfect condition, and carefully prepare the return package(s).


Returns will only be accepted if the Client respects the Product return procedure.


The Client cannot exercise her/his right of withdrawal if the returned Products are unfit for resale due to problems such as conspicuous damage, etc.


When delivery has been made by carrier, the Client can either return the Products by her/his own means, or, when unable to do so, Rinck will make available to the Client, at the Client’s expense, a recovery service, which will equal the cost of the initial delivery excluding any discount or refund.


In the event of Products being returned by the Client when the Client has exercised her/his right of withdrawal in accordance with this article, the Client assumes all transportation risks.


The Client who has exercised her/his right of withdrawal may request a refund for her/his order.

Product refunds:

When the Client exercises her/his right of withdrawal, Rinck agrees to refund the Client within fourteen (14) days of the date on which this right was exercised, in accordance with the provisions of Article L. 121-21-4 of the French Code de la consommation, after having thoroughly inspected the Products.

The refund method will be based on the method of payment chosen by the Client, minus the costs of returning the Products when the Client has chosen the option of returning the Products.

No refunds, in whole or in part, will be given for any Product that has been damaged by the Client.


The Rinck warranty covers all components of a Product. Rinck ensures that the Product can serve all purposes and uses for which it is designed:

  • The structure, coverings (leather, fabric, varnish, patinas, etc.), seams, visible woodwork, are guaranteed for two (2) years.

In any event, the Client is protected by the garantie légale de conformité (legal guarantee of conformity) as well as the warranty against latent defects per the legal provisions in force set forth in Articles L.217–1 to L.218–2 of France’s Code de la consommation and Articles 1641 to 1649 of the French Code Civil.


Rinck is bound to deliver Products in conformity with the contract and is liable for any lack of conformity that may exist at the time the Products are delivered.

Action by the Client regarding lack of conformity must be brought within two (2) years of the date the Products are delivered.

Per the provisions in force in Articles L.217–9 et seq. of the French Code de la consommation, the Client shall choose between having the Products repaired or replaced.

Should the chosen option prove impossible or the cost of such action manifestly disproportionate to the value of the Products, Rinck is under no obligation to take action in accordance with the Client’s chosen method of resolution.

Nevertheless, the Client may only return the Product and be refunded the purchase price and initial delivery costs or keep the Product and be reimbursed for part of the Product when the conditions set forth in Article L.217–10 of the French Code de la consummation are met, meaning if:

  • The requested, proposed, or agreed solution (repair or replacement [including delivery costs]) cannot be implemented within one month of the Client’s complaint, or
  • If this solution cannot be achieved without major inconvenience for the Client given the nature of the Product and the desired use.