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Hébé Collection

In its smoking room, Rinck expresses a vision of feminized hedonism, unshackling this lounge long reserved for gentlemen from its gender-specific repute. The ensemble – with Hebe as its theme,  the goddess of youth who served as cupbearer to the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus – is a materialized siren song of immortality.

As in the prologue of The Festivities of Hebe by French composer Jean-Philippe Rameau, which portrays Hebe’s celebratory feast, the goddess is surrounded by her unfailing companions, the Three Graces, representing charm, beauty, and creativity. A feminine ode to festivity, goodwill, joy, life.
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Félicité Collection

The Félicité collection is inspired by Rinck’s history, our DNA, blending 18th-century and Art Deco influences with contemporary creation while remaining determinedly cutting-edge in how it works materials.

With the 2020 Félicité collection, Rinck picks up the threads of its history, recalling its annual furniture collections from the 1930s to the 1970s.

This decidedly contemporary collection nevertheless gives discreet yet discernable nods to Rinck’s venerable history.

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Amarante Collection

The Amarante collection combines the cabinetmaker’s traditional wisdom with cutting-edge technical expertise to produce a sleek, functional, aesthetic design with organic accents. It expresses the desire to establish a harmonious relationship between mankind, nature, and objects.

The collection includes a desk, a chair, an ottoman, a bookcase, a daybed, a rug and two columns.

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A creative journey from the first sketches to the final production of our Hébé collection.